Crossroads To Music

Crossroads to Music is an educational based program whose goals are to educate youth in the fields of strategic marketing, entertainment management, music, and media relations.  

The Crossroads to Music Business Program was established to assist with behavior modification and the low academic performance of children experiencing scholastic challenges. It is a program designed to focus on the twelve basic reading skills required for proficiency and mastery of the English Language Arts standard; we also intend to provide each child/student with life training skills through engaging presentations.

This program engages students by presenting them with stimulating and current content that is effective and relatable.

Our Vision

  • Through the Crossroads to Music Business program, we will develop functional adults with analytical skills who can effectively language their thoughts and acknowledge the importance of cultural awareness.  

Our Mission

  • Empower low performing students politically, economically, and socially, by emphasizing the importance of cultural awareness and a strong work ethic.

Mentor Program with Department of Education:

  • Crossroads To Music will partner with The Department of Education to mentor and educate students in the business of music.  
  • Various music workshops, seminars, social and fraternal seminars will be created to expose inner city students to the various mediums of the music business in a controlled environment.
  • Students will develop marketing business plans to support ‘mock’ and current recording artist Billboard chart releases. 
  • Outreach Workshops 
  • Guest Entertainment Speakers – specialized class workshops 
  • Music Panels 

Program Structure

Cultural Literacy

  • This session is meant to enrich students with a greater understanding of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. Students will become acquainted with books, audio, video and digital material from various groups, ethnicities, epics, etc.

The Business of Music

  • A great number of students are interested in the music industry but have only been exposed to the talent side of the business. It has to be made clear that there exist other roles other than being the entertainment; therefore, we will define the various executive roles within the music industry.
  • Information will be extracted from “All You Need To Know About the Music Business.”
  • Video “Music Industry” will be viewed
  • After reading and viewing the material students will discuss the content.

Creating a businessman…a businesswoman

  • It is critical that students are made aware of brand creation and development because every day they are met with challenges directly related to their brand or for the purposes of education their label. This session is designed to demonstrate the necessity of communication in all forms and for students to control their label and acknowledge the need to master the standard.
  • Students will work in groups and apply what was learned about the different executive roles within the music industry.